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How is this different from "general information"?

General information is about aWolfPack TEN, the network, and where it is headed.  As such, the "What is this" section will update frequently.  This section is more static information, such as contact info, site maps, and general agreements when using this site.

Please feel free to navigate throughout this site.  We hope you will see the exciting possibilities, and decide to join us.



Extended copyright notice

aWolfPack TEN is a subsidiary of VariSearch LLC, currently operating on one of our dedicated servers.  All the ideas expressed on this site are the intellectual property of Richard F. Parker, founder of VariSearch LLC, and are copyright 2004-2012, with all rights reserved.

We encourage you to share this site with others... tell them about it, link to us.  We do NOT want you taking our ideas and claiming them as your own... that is why the copyright notice is on each page.

If you join our beta or live program, there will be an additional non-disclosure agreement, which basically says the same thing: you may promote this system, but not lay claim to any ownership of the ideas expressed here.  We're working very hard to establish a system where everyone can benefit, so play fair, so we all win.



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