Welcome to the Unicorn AutoSurf Network!

Should you join aWolfPack-TEN?

Well, that depends.  It would be easy to say "yes, everyone should join", but the network would suffer as a result.  Here is a brief "decision tree" of questions that will help you decide if and when to join our network.  This is also the decision process we use internally, to help maintain quality assurance.

  • Do you own and/or manage your own traffic exchange, or are you preparing to own/manage an exchange?
Yes, You are an exchange owner
No, but you are a 'serious surfer'
 Do you allow popup windows on your exchange?
  • No=Continue
  • None of our exchanges allow popups!
Are you a manual-only exchange?
  • No=Continue
  • Yes=Continue... we support a 'manual only ' section in the network
Do you allow X-rated content on your site?
  • No=Continue
  • Yes=Sorry, we don't support non-family-friendly content at this time.
Do you hand-review sites, or have a strict content-control to prevent popups and x-rated content?
  • No=We will review your site content, but may not limit your membership to the popups-allowed section
  • If any inappropriate material comes from your site your account will be terminated.
Does your site (your server) support PHP, at least version 3.2, preferably version 4 or later?
  • No=We will need to recruit you, or a java/perl programmer to build the interface to your site.  We will be glad to work with you on this issue, so do continue, but mention that to us early on, so we can reserve time for it.
  • Yes=Continue
Are you willing to respond to user reports on the network, or have a legitimate contact-person who will research and correct found issues?
  • No=Stop... without someone to respond to reports, our network would hurt other member-sites' reputations.
  • Yes=Continue
Need help remembering which sites you surfed last?

  • Yes = We can help with that with 'surf reminder'... an easy way to remember when you last surfed, and where.
  • No = Read on...

Want a simple tool to help build your downline at 9 exchanges at the same time?

  • Yes = We have a 9-block downline builder.  2 pages available to each free member.
  • No = hmmm... join more exchanges, or read on...

Have something you would like to promote to traffic exchange owners and surfers?

  • Yes = We offer on-site text ad space, and all starter accounts get plenty of credits (>3000) to show their ads (that's 30,000 views)
  • No=hmmm... why are you surfing, then?

If you reached this point, you should definitely consider joining aWolfPack-TEN...

So, what are you waiting for?  We're ready to help bring your site into this network, if you are!

Sorry but our exchange sites do NOT allow video/audio in the Auto/Regular surf track!
Only sound/video is allowed on the Manual surf track.

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