Welcome to the Unicorn AutoSurf Network!


The price is free with multiple upgrade options.  We have increased the number of options, because we have expanded the scope of the network.

All members start as free members, and get 5,000 credits for advertising on site.  If you own an exchange, there is a free upgrade when your first interface is approved, and your credit balance will be increased 25,000 credits (one time only).

We offer upgrades (exchange owner needs more credits) to $9 per month (multi-exchange owner needs LOTS more credits).

If there is a need for a larger upgrade that is not listed, leave us a note and we can accommodate you needs.

Why upgrade:
  • All members: Need more ad space?  Upgrading gets you that.
  • Exchange Owners: Our volume adds up, and you will need tokens.  Upgraded members get extra credits every month, just for being an upgraded member.
  • Upgraded Exchange Owners: You can make your interfaces 'sticky'... you will be able to receive up to 3 times the incoming views volume that a free member can receive.
  • You can EARN MORE than what a free member can earn from referrals: commissions range from 10% up to 40% on all direct-referral spending.
  • You will be able to purchase network tokens at a discount. (You will pay the same $$$, but get a bonus added to your purchase.)

We're doing our best to keep this as simple and straightforward as possible.

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